I like to think

about art as to create something new, and that it will create curiosity. I want my paintings to give the viewer positive images and perhaps associations that are possible to recognize.
I paint expressionist and very spontaneous. Each painting contains sections of a reflection, something the eyes perils past. It is a form of communication of experiences and memories, characterized by energy and harmony, or it is something that concerns me particularly. I would like to call it "to capture a moment of experience". Inspiration can for instance come from music, travel and meetings with people, or from something I have read. Sentences can frequently appear, parts of words or just letters, and the phrases often come in English, French or Italian. I am concerned with the detail and to simplify things down to the "smallest constituent" and I like to paint a 'view of something ", which is enlarged.
I like to work abstractly; then I can paint what I am interested in, in a different way. One way that makes me not knowing what will come. And this is what is so fascinating and exciting; this freedom that allows me to do what I want. However, I must be caught by something, and get a good sense of what I see coming. And then I hope that the viewer also might get a good feeling, and get curious.
Often, I have an idea when I start. The idea follows me, but as I enter the process the will disappear, and the picture takes over. It is hard to say how long it takes before I am done, and I never know how the final painting will be. It is frustrating many times, until it finally is solved.
I work with different materials, techniques and expressions, and like to investigate new methods and materials used to discover other and exciting opportunities.

I am fascinated

by the way we are linking strong relationships with each other, and how this strengthens our feelings unconsciously or consciously. My paintings show these ties and express energy, hope, joy and sorrow.


Strong emotions lead to
a track you can see
The track should be followed
as long as you believe

A gust of wind
from a spirit
far away
Sings to me
so beautiful
A tone I have heard before
and will be hearing again

Beautiful moments
we give each other
to live for
Until we again
make beautiful moments

You are my soul
and my desire
My heart burst
if you go your way
But deep down
I know
that you will always

-Åse Pleym Bakken-